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Useful Reading: Divorce Later in Life

Deposit Saving 2024

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Saving for your next house deposit: Tips in 2024




In today’s competitive housing market, saving for a mortgage deposit can feel like a daunting task for many aspiring homeowners. However, with careful planning and disciplined saving habits, achieving this financial milestone is within reach. 



Understanding the importance of Critical Illness Cover for Young Adults 




In today’s unpredictable world, financial protection is increasingly important, especially for young adults. While many may think that critical illness cover (CIC) is something to consider later in life, recent trends suggest otherwise.



Understanding Early Repayment Charges in Lifetime Mortgages 



If you’ve had a mortgage before, you’re probably familiar with ‘early repayment charges’ (ERCs). They’re common in fixed or discounted rate deals, but knowing how they operate, especially in lifetime mortgages, is crucial.