Mortgage Capacity Reports FAQs

Do I have to move home after divorce?

Your financial situation will change after divorce or separation and you will need to seek legal advice on your rights. We can help to establish your capacity to achieve a mortgage. We provide the report based on the information you give us which can then be used by your solicitor and in the Family Courts.


The Family Courts will seek to establish your capacity to achieve a mortgage and secure housing (Fairfield Finance can help you by producing a Mortgage Capacity Report) that is credible in court and can be used legally to support your needs.


Your solicitor and the Family Courts, together with a Mortgage Capacity Report and other financial statements, will help establish your capacity to continue living in the family home after a divorce.

What are my rights after divorce?

Your rights will vary depending on your circumstances, it is important to seek legal advice from a solicitor to establish your position and to present this on your behalf to The Family Courts. Our Mortgage Capacity Reports are key in any court decision on your family home and housing needs. We produce this certificate (or report) for the courts based on the information you provide us. If you do not provide a full picture of your finances you will lose the money you have already spent on the Mortgage Capacity Report and you will be required to pay for another one.

What affects my mortgage capacity?

 Your mortgage capacity is based on, though not solely on, your income, your outgoings, your credit history, any debts you may have, any loans you may have or have had, essential monthly spending such as food, clothing, school fees, car repayments etc, benefits and family credit. If your outgoings are more than your income then the Mortgage Capacity Report will state that you are unable to support a mortgage, this is a NIL Mortgage Capacity Report.


Your mortgage capacity may be affected by a criminal record, CCJs or adverse credit history.


We advise you to ensure that you are registered on the electoral roll.


We state in the report the information you have provided in order to calculate your mortgage capacity.


We will include information about the term of the mortgage, whether it is interest only or repayment, or whether both are available to you and we will state the maximum mortgage amount available to you. 


Our report will outline your monthly mortgage repayments based on current lending criteria.


How quickly can I get a report?

 We aim to turnaround a single report for you within 48hrs or quicker.

How much information do I get?

 We aim to offer you a selection* of mortgage product scenarios in each report so that you have a broad understanding of your option. 


*within reason we offer a selection of scenarios but if you want multiple scenarios that require a lot more investigation we will need to discuss the additional fees for this work with you

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